Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Diogenes Report: The Live Vile Evil Awards

This is re-printed from my Peacock Plumes blog.
If you are uncomfortable about political/moral/ethical opinions which challenge you, then my work here is done.

Every day I feel like poor Diogenes, holding my lantern high in the impossible hope of finding true intelligence, honour and virtue.

Hannah Arendt wrote in "The Banality of Evil" about how holocausts are indeed not only possible but probable to commit by so-called ordinary people. This is truly terrifing.

I have even coined a term for this particular disease: Cranium Contenta Implet Visceralis or Stercorem Pro Cerebro (SFB).  (NOTE: I will get the Attic Greek translation for these soon.)       Of course, there is a cure for this disease; however, no medication or surgery can assuage it as it requires the effort of shoveling out what has taken the place of the cerebrum and cerebellum, allowing the pinched off neurons the ability to retake their proper place, if at all possible, which is done by a quantity and quality of reading which has never so far been done by the sufferer; giving up on false social myths; checking and double-checking all sources for Real Proof and not propaganda or wishful thinking; and the true understanding that greed/avarice is the REAL EVIL which leads towards anarchy, selfishness, cruelty, fundamentalism, and everything which is not virtuous and honourable.

Everyone of these awardees have as a Common Denominator absolute Greed/Avarice as their Raison d'Etre.

There are so many to whom we can give these awards. So, now in reverse order, the Awards are given to:

Bernie Madoff and all financial criminals

Investment Bankers/Stock Exchanges/Mega-International Corporations/etc.

All Fundamentalists and their SpokesMouths (who are by nature hypocrites)(terrorists of all kinds are included here)

The Heritage Society, The Cato Institute, The Evil (er, Eagle) Forum, etc.

The Tea Party

The GOP (in all and in Congress)(probably 99.75%) 

The "Roberts' Court"

Fixed-Faux Noise (99.99% of all "news" readers and commentators including Rupert Murdoch)


Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin and all other liars



1st Place goes to: JOHN BOEHNER