Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Gods

I have been thinking about this topic throughout this so-so winter that we have been experiencing here in SE Connecticut.  When I was a child -- way back in the 1950s -- I remember our pond freezing in November and having snow on Thanksgiving.  This was normal.  In fact, winter rarely "ended" until the end of March; and, there was the occasional April snow that would bring at least 8 more inches.  To say the least, I am a Snow Girl still to this day (I generally dislike summer).  Connecticut is not, even in this time of global warming, a Mediterranean climate.  The ground demands a snow cover in order to properly conserve a good water table for the following year.  Rain when it lands on frozen ground just runs off into the creeks that eventually end up in the ocean.  We call it Mother Nature's Fertilizer.  Of course, the stupid people don't know how to add 2+2 when they make comments about hating snow-- this is one of the reasons industry has managed to hoodwink so many about the real danger of global warming.  We have to assist the gods of winter because they cannot do it all:  Poseidon, the Northern Winds, the Cloud(Snow) Nymphs, and Zeus.