Monday, March 31, 2014

Nihilism: The Infection, The Sickness Unto Death, The Problem of Neo-Paganism (It Isn't a Religion)

Yes, readers, they are flailing about again in a quagmire of their own making because they cannot abide to acknowledge that there are standards in living a virtuous life.  When all moorings are cut away the only thing left are the reefs, which will eat up the boat you are trying to sail, casting you to the bottom of the sea.  It is positively sickening to hear these people wail over that psychopath Kenny Klein, who has used the veil of Wicca or whatever in the perpetuation of how many crimes we may never know.  They BLAME the VICTIMS of these crimes!!!!  They absolutely have NO SHAME whatsoever.  The BS over language was small-stuff compared to this.  They never understood that -- or the use of rhetorical language, either ;-).  
Some of you may recognize the reference to Kierkegaard in the title of the post.  He was a theologian who was writing in the time period of the original nihilists.  You know them:  Lenin and those types.  Monsters.  Now, don't try to excuse them because then I will really be angry with you.  As I have been seeing it, society over the past century has become sick.  Maybe it has always been this way; but, in some ways nihilism has highlighted it more.  Sick because it questions virtue.  Sick because it allows the psychopath to thrive (Wall Street, etc.).  Sick because it gives excuses to those who perpetrate the worst behaviours and crimes.  
Finally, I have come to the realization that neo-paganism is not a religion at all.  It has tried to amalgamate various folkways; however, it has failed.  The folkways exist separately for those who are truly interested in developing relationships with the deities of those traditions.  Worship happens more than 8 times a year.  Its synthetic roots in Wicca are showing.  There may be a few who have a truly religious bone in their bodies; but, they are rare.  Anyway, they have no traditions of sages and philosophers from whom to draw.  They just do not want to be told what to do.  Well, isn't that just special.  This is antisocial to the extreme.  I definitely do NOT want them playing in my sandbox.