Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weighing In: BOYCOTT MGW

Yes, I have finally decided to step into the conversation that was started by the ridiculous actions of the organizing committee for the Many Gods West conference and the subsequent postings by Rhyd Wildermuth and the rest of his ilk on P&R and Patheos.
I have personally met a number of the people involved in this.  So I will say that I am very disappointed in the negative direction in which Rhyd has taken his life.  Of course a number of his associates are a part of the extreme end of the PC crowd, who I already despise because they do not think and are under-educated people who are too well known for their own good.  They believe that they are the be all and end all -- a little like Halstead.
So, because of this and the fact that they silenced a well-known Dionysian of my acquaintance, I am urging that people of good will and ethics to BOYCOTT the Many Gods West conference.  
In addition, I also do not TRUST the bona fides of the organizers for this conference.  If you already have reservations -- cancel them.  If you are a presenter -- cancel your appearance.  People who are enmired in the amount of miasma that these organizers have perpetuated will imbue the conference with it.  Do Not be a party to it!