Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Rant Long Percolating

I believe that there are Ethics; however, you are looking for them in the wrong place if you are looking for them in religion — and I mean ANY religion. This is why so-called “religious” or “spiritual” people can be and are hypocrites. A large part of Ethics concerns respect. Respect is not a part of any universalist creed (one true religion) or non-belief (atheists/humanists making fun of theists). Wars of religion do not show respect. Destruction of antiquities does not show respect. However, respect has not been taught in thousands of years because people believed that religious proscriptions would make good people. This will never happen in a million years. Why? Our ancestors have been forgotten. We are asked to self-exult ourselves, calling each other: Thou Art God, Thou Art Goddess when we are neither. There is emptiness in many souls because they have no values. Yes, I do challenge the valueless society that has been created around us. It is evil. And, it was done by people. It was not done by the Gods. Don’t make excuses. I’ve seen it for over 40 years; yet, it seemed that I felt I was but one voice in the wilderness. It takes more than one person to correct the faulty thinking, the dumbing-down, the let it slide attitude that I see. Meanwhile, I see a bunch of puerile whiners who don’t do anything about their own ignorance and continue to “make things up” as they go along or have a “good drum circle” — my wasn’t that fun. No wonder I don’t want to have anything to do with the greater community. No worship except self-idolatry. No wonder people can’t find Ethics.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hypocrite Trolls

Yes, I have indeed found out that a Troll can lure a person to comment on his own blog post!  Imagine that.  
I was lured to the blog by an interesting citation in a blog which I normally read, so I had no real warning of what I was to expect.  In the post he was ranting about a lot of garbagey nonsense, especially about us Hellenics and some Heathens (he claims he is Heathen as well as "Luciferian/Demonic").  He was veritably yelling about how our views of piety and miasma had nothing to do with him. The misunderstanding was so rampant that I felt that I would try to answer.
Anyway, after a quick run down of the definitions, which show that the concepts are not "weird" he proceeded to insult me, told me that I had not read his rules for comments (which I must tell you, dear Readers, are quite ridiculous because he only wants yes-people responding).  He does not like at least two people (one of whom is Hellenic, the other Heathen) who I know personally and respect.  I am not sure who else is on his particular s**t list; however, I, for one, would consider anything he says to be untrue. I believe I have been placed on the Persona Non Grata List as well.  **sigh**  Really, though, I am happy because this was really too much drama and too much hate being slung at Hellenics for no reason. 
P.S.  By the way, the reply was so smarmy that he let show his actual knowledge of the subject of the diatribe, thus exhibiting the range of his hypocrisy.  The other more egregious example of hypocrisy, of course, is his so-called interest in the "demonic." Now I know that the Middle East was always a hot-bed for beliefs in demons, so it is difficult to say for certain where exactly it first arose.  However, it is definitely within the "forbidden" religions of J*C*I, especially the named demons.  So, now I know some lovely people who have Marian Cultus along with the rest of their religious practice.  However, somehow this is not OK but his cultus of Lucifer and the demons is?  How do we spell H*Y*P*O*C*R*I*T*E again?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Wild Hunt Comment and Other Things I Wish I Had Said

I have started to comment on The Wild Hunt.  Why would I do such a thing, you might ask?  And I would have to say that was a fair question.  The reason is that it irritates me the majority of time.  However, that said, when I respond "in the heat of the moment," I always seem to forget to say/write further commentary in explanation.  So, without further ado, this is my original comment to the article on "Leadership."

Time, education, and respect are what make a leader of a particular group. I have no idea who the well-thought people are in Wicca, CR, Asatru, Religio Romana, etc. because I am not a member of any of those groups. I am aware of the people in my community of Hellenic Recons, both solitary and in groups. People who walk the walk and do not just talk out the side of their mouths, these are the people I respect. Personally, I do not think that a very young person has the "chops" yet to be even considered a "leader." Why can I say this? Have you EVER put your LIFE on the line for something bigger than yourself? I am a USAF veteran with one year in South Korea, which is still AT WAR with North Korea. We almost did re-start it in 1976. Have you really educated yourself? The US educational system is pitiful. The amount of ignorance is horrendous and in generic paganism ....(I can't speak the words). Can you speak at least one language other than your birth language? Yes, I do freely admit to being an intellectual. However, that is so much better than being a fool being taken for a ride from these so-called BNPs. Only then can you even hope to come up to snuff 

There were a few druthers I needed to include in this.  The first, most importantly, being the fact that there are natural A** H***s out there who manage to rise to their levels of incompetence (The Peter Principle).  This is valuable reading for everybody.  I know that I am not a leader.  I am the idea-person, standing behind the throne.  Gnothi Sueaton -- Know Thyself.
In addition, the military is just one way of standing up and doing something totally unselfishly for others, even if it could mean that your very life could be on the line.  Doctors Without Borders, the Peace Corps, etc. are organizations which I would recommend. 
Finally, self-educate yourself away from Political Correctness and quarter-truths.  Really look at maps of the world to see where we all are.  I cannot abide self-wallowing ignorance.  Stop it!
That is all.