Friday, October 24, 2008


I just found out about this on-line comic based on Prometheus. You can find it at

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Polytheism VS Monotheism Part 1

There are real differences between these two world views. I term them world views because I feel that these words indicate much more than a religious difference. It is the ultimate step of faith, I feel, to acknowledge the inherent multiplicility within our universe and not seek to unify it. On a cosmological level it also makes more sense as well. According to String Theory there are at least eleven dimensions within our cosmos. In addition, there are more than just this one cosmos to the "entire" universe, which in turn cannot be singular. The term singularity is misunderstood as it only refers to a single event horizon; however, there are unnumbered event horizons.
The utter incomprehensible size and ages of the entirety of cosmoi/universes does put many things into perspective, showing mankind that we will probably never fully comprehend all the whats, hows, whys and therefores. It is important to retain humility and to not tread into hubris to make universal declarations.
However, this is not the case with monotheism.
(Will be continued.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Politics of Hate

I consider myself to be a Progressive in the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt. Even back when I voted mostly Republican, this was my political philosophy. By 1980 I generally ceased voting for mainly Republican candidates. The GOP's philosophy and raison d'etre had changed to a direction which I felt to be inimical to the nation and its people. The pre-election period this year has attained depths that even I could never imagine, even with the examples provided by Rove and the rest of his ilk. I believe that there are both federal and state laws which have made excitement to violence an offense. I feel so strongly about this that I am going to call the FBI and request that all people at McCain or Palin events who threaten the life of Barack Obama be arrested. I also believe that these two candidates should also speak out strongly against any violence done for them. If they don't, I believe that they should also be arrested for aiding and abetting wing-nuts who even now may be plotting the assassination of Obama. (I would also feel this way if it was the direct opposite.) These things need to stop NOW.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Ever-Continuing Debate

How appropriate it is that my first post on my religion blog is about the ever-continuing debate in the Hellenic polytheist community about how much "other stuff" can be let in before the religion is totally corrupted by "neo-pagan wing-dings." Well, first of all, I have borrowed the term Hellenismos from Emperor Julian the Blessed (the last polytheistic Roman emperor, who, by the way, ruled after Constantine) as a word to mean the religious practices of the ancient Hellenes (Greeks). However, these folks had many, many different practices because each of their Gods demanded certain things from Their worshippers. There was no one religious calendar: all regions, and even regions within regions, had their own calendars. Even, ***GASP***, what we now call "kitchen witchery", cursing, blessing, etc. was practiced quite a bit by the ordinary folk. Of course there were philosophers who tried to get spiritually closer to the realm of the Gods through certain "magical" practices; but, this wasn't a major thread. Personally, I do not practice what many would consider "magic". "Magic" can be a practice in ANY religion -- and in NO religion. In addition, many modern Hellenic polytheists tend to center their particular practices on a certain time period: Periclean Athens; Mycenaean; Hellenistic; Sparta; etc. These were all different!!! Now, the terrible visage of "orthodoxy" is again raising its fearsome head. The problem is, this time there is a distinctive smell of the ideas around Christianity in it. Of course, the particular person who is doing this is the most sniveling kiss-ass I have personally ever witnessed on the discussion lists. He has defamed the names of people whom I respect -- and know personally. And, even though it was explained to him numerous times (on a rather conserverative forum) that he was wrong, he is continuing to blunder on like the classic bull in the china closet.