Monday, September 29, 2014

When Bloggers Don't Permit Replies When Having Problems

It has been a long time since I have posted -- and there have been many things on which I have wanted to post.  However, I have been a bit depressed recently, so I do not want to jump into any flame wars or to create any by mistake.  I realize that our individual egos can be tender things.
This leads me to the subject of this particular blog post:  bloggers who do not permit replies to their posts.  Now, I am sure that there may be a few Yahoos out there who willingly put both their feet into their mouth up to their hips in idiocy and make fun of the blogger and worse.  On you may the Furies be released to cause everlasting confusion and pain.  These DO NOT need to be re-posted by the blog owner except to keep other readers amused that such rudeness and stupidity exists.  There are many people who read a person's blog and start to know them a bit through their writing.  This is not quite the old-fashioned type of friendship that all of us wish that we could have; however, some of us do reach out over the radio waves with virtual support and suggestions.  By cutting these things off, the blogger creates a self-fulfilling prophecy that they have no community with which to cling.
Some of you can possibly guess the blogger to whom I am referring (Star Foster).  She had left the Hellenic organizations to which she had belonged for unknown reasons while still claiming Hellenism.  Now, she is blogging as a re-converted Christian.  I do not understand her thought processes as she has not made them very clear.  I knew that All the Gods existed when I was still a child over 50 years ago (I will be 64 come November).  The Gods tell you to worship them -- you don't leave because there might not be "enough" people yet in your town because you have closeted yourself off from the groups who would be able to help you.