Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Super-Recon Does It Again

Well, Super-Recon and his acolyte have hit the Olympianism list! I really, really know I should ignore him; however.....
Seems Super-Recon thinks we can -- and probably should -- codify how many sacrifices, devotions, etc. we should be doing over the course of a year in order to be considered "true recons" and not some fluffy-bunny sub-species. How else could a person interpret his definition of Orthopraxy? I also think that his variety of Orthopraxy has become a form of Othodoxy for him. I only figured this out after I stopped responding to his insults. Yes, he actively insults people and tries to make out that he "can't understand" what we are writing about. That we are too "airy." Obviously, I believe that he has trouble with reading comprehension.
All this said, I DO NOT recommend his website as a good source or the fora he hosts there. Please visit and the following Yahoo Groups for good information: Hellenion_Chat and Hellenic_Recons.

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