Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Health Care Reform As Xenia

I have been following the unethical shenanigans by a certain political party (GOP) and their willfully ignorant followers (T-Baggers) over the much needed reform of health care in this country. In any economic system, if one area of the economy takes up an extreme percentage of that economy then the entire system may be subject to collapse. This is one of the main reasons that the Soviet Union actually collapsed -- too much of its economy was taken up in military spending. We were able to SPEND them into the dust because our economy was much more diversified.
We are also only as strong as the least of our citizens; and, if our citizens cannot get preventive health care then our entire society is weak as a result. The United States, the country looked up to by most of the world, is in 37th place in health care! Canada, Western Europe, etc. all have better health care systems than we do. Yet many people in our country continue to deny that there is nothing wrong.
Ultimately this does come down as an issue of ethics and VALUES. Yup, folks, VALUES. The virtue of Xenia (hospitality) seems to have been lost to many vocal people in this country, Yet, these shouters are just a minority. They believe that something they have is going to be taken away from them by someone "not deserving," ie. different ethnic background. Let us call it by its proper names: selfishness and hypocrisy, not behaving to your neighbour like you would like them to behave toward you, xenia.

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Allyson said...

While there definitely needs to be a change in health care here in the States, don't laud Canada too much. There's a reason I was sick so often there and healthy so much more often here. :) I'd love to see a middle-ground in health care, where preventative and emergency care was covered, but other things had to be taken care of on your own. The process of making healthcare "free" isn't free at all, unfortunately, and also causes good doctors to leave for places where they get paid a decent wage. I'd hate to see the good doctors of my area have to leave, and I don't mind paying for the privledge to see them. :)