Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Good Reason to Dump "Pagan"

All of my readers know why I dislike the words pagan and paganism.  Anyway, there is another reason to dislike the terms -- they are being taken over by the New Atheists.  Yes, that is correct, the group of people who have evolution expert Dawkins, who is a professor at Cambridge, as their figurehead, have glommed onto "pagan" to describe themselves because they are all into ecology.  The web site/blog Humanistic Paganism was brought to my attention today in my E-mail because of a short essay by a M.J. Lee entitled "Why Do People Want Supernatural Gods?" Right away I can see that there is a BIG problem with this essay.  In my theology and world-view, the gods are NOT supernatural.  Star Foster had a wonderful rebuttal, to which, of course, none of the so-called intellectuals involved with this group responded.  In fact, she has published a more thorough rebuttal on her blog over at Patheos,
As a matter of an FYI, I would like to recommend a WordPress blog, The New Oxonian.  He writes profusely about the New Atheists (he does not have a good opinion of them).

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