Saturday, March 30, 2013

Why Borrow Holidays/Festivals?

Maybe I am just getting old and crochety; however, I can hardly see straight when modern people take over and occasionally subvert another religion's holidays/festivals.  The thing that brings this to mind is a recent discussion happening over at the Google+ Pagan community about what "we" can "get out of Easter."
Give me a f*****ing break here, for Olympos' sake!  This is just another wonderful reason why I refuse to be targeted as a pagan -- oooh, the stupid shows so much it hurts my head.  If Christians need the nefarious dogma of vicarious atonement to understand that life goes on, let them.  I knew this a long time ago from both philosophical and scientific resources -- I don't need to be atoned for because there is no such thing as Original Sin (TM), created out of whole cloth by Augustine of Hippo.  You can't pick-and-choose what you want from a menu:  their menu is fixed -- it's all or nothing.
This is probably why I am moving further away from Unitarian-Universalism, too.  I like the people at our local congregation; however, I don't like it that if religion comes up it usually has either a Judeo-Christian slant, neo-pagan, or is Buddhist in orientation (I guess they love Joseph Campbell, well I can't influence their taste, it's just not mine).  It ignores the entire Western Classical tradition as if it's not "Politically Correct"  enough for a liberal organization.  Of course, African drums are not off the menu, either, and I do prefer a Haydn string quartet.  As a further matter of interest, I do not believe in the concept of race at all -- there are only ethnicities.  The genetic difference I have between myself and any living person on this planet is the same difference I have with any member of my birth family.  What I like is what I like, irrespective of the who, what, where, or when.  BAH!  FLUFF BUNNIES ALL!
As a further note, these people have completely ignored Eastern Orthodox Easter, which occurs in May this year.  How about those apples!  This is why syncretism does not work -- and will never really work.  The idiots only think about Roman Easter.  Will my headache ever go away!  

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Chiara said...

Yay, I love crabby posts like this. So, in answer to it: hey, they stole it first, non xtians should steal it back. I figure every culture had a "our deity came back from the underworld" celebration; and really, we have better uses for celebrating the Holy Easter Egg than they do. Really. How many people look at an easter egg and cry, "This reminds me of Jesus!" Nobody, that's who. Anyway, it's nice to know I'm not the only person who celebrates their crabbiness as they get older. I've earned my crabbiness badge the hard way.