Wednesday, January 29, 2014

P.S. How You Use Language DOES Count (Even Though You Were Not Taught, You Are Still Responsible to Learn)

Yes, I know, I cannot let it go.  I was lucky -- I missed the Great Dumbing Down in American education. (This started a few years after the Apollo programme put our astronauts on the moon in 1969.  We did it -- now we don't need to do anything anymore mentality.)  Teachers knew when you read Cliff's Notes instead of the novel -- and, there was no internet to buy a term paper.  It was hard to get away with things.  I am sure it happened; but, most of it got caught.  Anyway, within 5 years of my graduating from college (9 from high school), secondary prep had so eroded that high ranking universities were having to teach new students how to read, write and cipher.  So the Fact that Mr. Halstead is just generally ignorant to the first degree in the humanities should really come as no surprise.  However, it is unethical to allow him to continue to let him slather his ignorance over minds as equally ignorant as his own.  There have been enough so-called pagan crises of faith over the years with the dreck being published from Llewellyn (ya know -- the crescent moon logo).  My particular favourite (looks around to make sure there are no rabid fluff bunnies on patrol) has the so-called "reference" to an "Irish Potato Goddess."  (Need to go to the barf, sorry, bathroom now.)  The bloggers on Patheos are above this, I would like to believe; but, you, sir, make things up like that woman did, out of whole cloth.  Obviously you did not use a dictionary of the English language or ask a former English teacher how your essay would read.  I am a former English teacher.  As a gift, I would grade it a D-.  You whine, trying to make your faults the world's.  Poor, poor, pitiful you.  Wrong!  I do not like whiners.  Whiners are lazy.  You probably did not take Philosophy or Religion (yes, it is studied generically, you may hit yourself on your head now) when you were in college, thus decreasing your knowledge base exponentially.  Instead, you are the well-squared off orange and are only now seeing that you have lost something.  However, rules are rules for a reason.  You need to go back to square one and take or retake those intro courses to logic, philosophy, religion, and maybe even art and music. ---- And, don't let me ever see you stealing again.  

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John Halstead said...

Gee, I guess I need a librarian to come over a rap my knuckles with a ruler. "Public humiliation punishments", "placing the offender in stocks", "metal edged rulers hitting certain fingers"?! Someone has a serious S&M fetish. Could be kinky if you wear the glasses.