Monday, April 7, 2014

An Open Question to BTWs: Does Not There Ever Come a Time When You Have to Say No?

This has been a question which has been bothering me for close to two weeks.  I am specifically asking it of BTWs -- and Blue Stars in particular -- in light of what has finally come to public knowledge:  the immoral sexual peccadillos of Kenny Klein which include the confessed crimes of possession of child pornography, which may be just the top of an iceberg.  Apparently it was open knowledge among people to keep their children away from him at pagan festivals.  The type of manipulative person he is comes straight out of psychiatric/psychological textbooks describing the psychopathic personality.  {Note: Yes, I do have experience with the psychiatric literature as I am a retired medical/psychiatric librarian from a teaching hospital and attended the same lectures that the residents did.}  Did not the first coven notice or did he manipulate the HP?  What sort of CV did he even have before "creating" his tradition of BTW?  Why now are these followers not burning their so-called degrees and all the paperwork associated with it?  I say it is GREED, that you don't want to give up your supposed status, and I suggest that you really look within your hearts and pray to the Gods and not that flimsy rag of ethical advice (Wiccan Rede) for the selfish advice that it gives.

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