Thursday, October 23, 2008

Polytheism VS Monotheism Part 1

There are real differences between these two world views. I term them world views because I feel that these words indicate much more than a religious difference. It is the ultimate step of faith, I feel, to acknowledge the inherent multiplicility within our universe and not seek to unify it. On a cosmological level it also makes more sense as well. According to String Theory there are at least eleven dimensions within our cosmos. In addition, there are more than just this one cosmos to the "entire" universe, which in turn cannot be singular. The term singularity is misunderstood as it only refers to a single event horizon; however, there are unnumbered event horizons.
The utter incomprehensible size and ages of the entirety of cosmoi/universes does put many things into perspective, showing mankind that we will probably never fully comprehend all the whats, hows, whys and therefores. It is important to retain humility and to not tread into hubris to make universal declarations.
However, this is not the case with monotheism.
(Will be continued.)

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