Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Politics of Hate

I consider myself to be a Progressive in the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt. Even back when I voted mostly Republican, this was my political philosophy. By 1980 I generally ceased voting for mainly Republican candidates. The GOP's philosophy and raison d'etre had changed to a direction which I felt to be inimical to the nation and its people. The pre-election period this year has attained depths that even I could never imagine, even with the examples provided by Rove and the rest of his ilk. I believe that there are both federal and state laws which have made excitement to violence an offense. I feel so strongly about this that I am going to call the FBI and request that all people at McCain or Palin events who threaten the life of Barack Obama be arrested. I also believe that these two candidates should also speak out strongly against any violence done for them. If they don't, I believe that they should also be arrested for aiding and abetting wing-nuts who even now may be plotting the assassination of Obama. (I would also feel this way if it was the direct opposite.) These things need to stop NOW.

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