Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Books in My Library

Well, as some of my readers already know, I do consider myself to be a scholar.  I've always been a well-read person since I was a child.  In college, as a History/English/Humanities major, I was on reading and writing overload, especially with the Honors Programme.  So, when I realized that I was actually a polytheist, I tried to find things to read.  There wasn't anything in the 1960s and 1970s in regular book stores.  It is still difficult unless you are close to a college or university book store. Back then there was no Amazon. What little there was could be cataloged under the heading of DRECK.  It took a while to find those first books, which were almost all published by university presses.
Anyway, I am having to replace some titles (too tattered etc.) and I am getting into the early philosophers (the Atomists and pre-Socratics).  There is also a lot of newer scholarship out there, so I need to keep up if I decide to become a priestess and neokoroi.

Connelly, Joan Breton.  Portrait of a Priestess: Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece

Patton, Kimberley Christina.  Religion of the Gods: Ritual, Paradox, and Reflexivity

MacIntyre, Alasdair.  Dependent Rational Animals: Why Human Beings Need the Virtues (The Paul Lectures)

Deacy, Susan.  Athena.

Waterfield, Robin. The First Philosophers: The Pre-Socratics and Sophists

Epicurus.  The Art of Happiness.

Porphyry.  Porphyry's Against the Christians.

Celsus.  On the True Doctrine: A Discourse Against the Christians

Mikalson, Jon D. Ancient Greek Religion

Pagden, Anthony. The Enlightenment: And Why It Still Matters

Mills, Stephanie.  Epicurean Simplicity.

Guthrie, William.  Greeks and Their Gods (Ariadne Series)

Johnston, Sarah Iles. Ancient Greek Divination.

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