Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Modern Atheists: A Case of Putting the Cart before the Horse

I can personally attest to the ancient view of monotheism/atheism.  As I was attempting to be a "good Lutheran girl" for my beloved Grandmother, I was rapidly becoming an atheist as I was going through two years of Confirmation classes.  Before this, I basically ignored the dogmas and other stuff.  I just knew all the Gods existed.  Now, this intensive Christianity 101 was really in my face (remember, this was the early 1960s).  I got into debates with my Sunday School teachers -- and won (ie. why there should be no missionaries -- there is no such thing as Original Sin).  Every religion is equal -- none is better than any other.  Wow, was I unique for my age.  I really, really tried to believe for the sake of my Grandmother; however, I just could not.  Talk about guilt!  Anyway, without the other Gods it suddenly became a very empty universe because the Christian God was just not interested in me.  I was supposed to feel this sudden Grace which was His gift to me because of the vicarious atonement of Jesus.  {Face screwed up here -- okay -- don't feel it -- maybe I didn't need to be atoned?}  It was not until over ten years later that I finally stepped off the Christian merry-go-round for the last time.  ALL of the presumptions from Christianity fell away as I again could welcome all the Gods -- including the Christian and Judean Gods -- back again.
Looking at modern atheists and their leaders (yes, they do have leaders), one has to feel at least a bit sorry at their stupidity.  This is especially so since there are quite a number of PhDs among them (biologists, historians, philosophers, physicists, etc.).  I do not make fun of anyone's religion, except those people who insist on putting themselves and others in harm's way either mentally or physically.  Why are they so rabid (and that is a correct adjective for them) against religion.  But, is it religion?  No, it is not.  Nine times out of ten it is Christianity that they are railing against.  They ignore all our pantheons (except for a few college students who have mistakenly erected headstones for them).  Occasionally, They will include Islam.  However, I have hardly heard a word against the cults in Hinduism, Shinto, the varieties of Buddhism. etc.  Thus they do prove their own stupidity.  Like the mythicists, who thought that the people who wrote some of the texts that later became the New Testament knew that they were using myth (the cart before the horse) to manufacture a new God, they gaze at their own navel lint and belittle.  I wish to be respected in my religious community and my greater secular community.  To get respect I must give respect.  My cart must be securely hitched behind my horse.

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