Monday, November 25, 2013

The Oracular Experience

I am not a person who is into grandiosity of any sort.  However, from a fairly young age (early teen-age and possibly earlier) I was given the gift of second sight in my dreams.  This was quite frightening at the time because when I would tell my Mother of those dreams she would give me a shocked look and was able to interpret them.  My Grandmother, who had emigrated to America from imperial Russia before World War I and the Revolution, was also able to do this and she and my Mother could also see the Blessed Dead.
As the years have gone on these abilities have increased in such ways that I no longer have to sleep in order to "know" things.  In addition, the Gods have again "gifted" me with a medical condition, bi-lateral frontal lobe epilepsy, which has been said to help open the portals between the dimensions we inhabit and the dimensions of the Gods, Olympus.
So, what can I report at this time?  I can say that I am experiencing closer relationships with my Gods.  However, something very, very strange is also occurring:  other divinities are stopping by for a conversation as well.  They are not asking me to abandon the Hellenic pantheon -- they just want a little time.  I never know when this is going to happen.  It is the same with the Hellenic Gods.
Now, I am planning to develop my own ritual for these meetings.  I do not know if they will turn into something oracular; however, I do have a co-religionist who lives about 45 minutes away whom I wish to ask for help. 
At this present time I am NOT taking any questions.  Depending on how the Gods feel, I may never take questions until they say I am ready.  This is really, really scary for me and I need to be sure that each step is taken with reverence.      

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