Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Rant Long Percolating

I believe that there are Ethics; however, you are looking for them in the wrong place if you are looking for them in religion — and I mean ANY religion. This is why so-called “religious” or “spiritual” people can be and are hypocrites. A large part of Ethics concerns respect. Respect is not a part of any universalist creed (one true religion) or non-belief (atheists/humanists making fun of theists). Wars of religion do not show respect. Destruction of antiquities does not show respect. However, respect has not been taught in thousands of years because people believed that religious proscriptions would make good people. This will never happen in a million years. Why? Our ancestors have been forgotten. We are asked to self-exult ourselves, calling each other: Thou Art God, Thou Art Goddess when we are neither. There is emptiness in many souls because they have no values. Yes, I do challenge the valueless society that has been created around us. It is evil. And, it was done by people. It was not done by the Gods. Don’t make excuses. I’ve seen it for over 40 years; yet, it seemed that I felt I was but one voice in the wilderness. It takes more than one person to correct the faulty thinking, the dumbing-down, the let it slide attitude that I see. Meanwhile, I see a bunch of puerile whiners who don’t do anything about their own ignorance and continue to “make things up” as they go along or have a “good drum circle” — my wasn’t that fun. No wonder I don’t want to have anything to do with the greater community. No worship except self-idolatry. No wonder people can’t find Ethics.

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Kevin Waller said...

I found out last year that associating with the larger community is seldom worth the effort. All the posterior kissing and offense dodging is more of a workout than command PT!