Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hypocrite Trolls

Yes, I have indeed found out that a Troll can lure a person to comment on his own blog post!  Imagine that.  
I was lured to the blog by an interesting citation in a blog which I normally read, so I had no real warning of what I was to expect.  In the post he was ranting about a lot of garbagey nonsense, especially about us Hellenics and some Heathens (he claims he is Heathen as well as "Luciferian/Demonic").  He was veritably yelling about how our views of piety and miasma had nothing to do with him. The misunderstanding was so rampant that I felt that I would try to answer.
Anyway, after a quick run down of the definitions, which show that the concepts are not "weird" he proceeded to insult me, told me that I had not read his rules for comments (which I must tell you, dear Readers, are quite ridiculous because he only wants yes-people responding).  He does not like at least two people (one of whom is Hellenic, the other Heathen) who I know personally and respect.  I am not sure who else is on his particular s**t list; however, I, for one, would consider anything he says to be untrue. I believe I have been placed on the Persona Non Grata List as well.  **sigh**  Really, though, I am happy because this was really too much drama and too much hate being slung at Hellenics for no reason. 
P.S.  By the way, the reply was so smarmy that he let show his actual knowledge of the subject of the diatribe, thus exhibiting the range of his hypocrisy.  The other more egregious example of hypocrisy, of course, is his so-called interest in the "demonic." Now I know that the Middle East was always a hot-bed for beliefs in demons, so it is difficult to say for certain where exactly it first arose.  However, it is definitely within the "forbidden" religions of J*C*I, especially the named demons.  So, now I know some lovely people who have Marian Cultus along with the rest of their religious practice.  However, somehow this is not OK but his cultus of Lucifer and the demons is?  How do we spell H*Y*P*O*C*R*I*T*E again?

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